Spartacus attends Pike Dogg's 13th Bday at @TheTerrierizer's house!

Meileena Bautista

Hi everyone, it's Spartacus the Frenchie here - I had the wonderful joy of attending Pike's 13th bday yesterday! It was my favorite way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! I definitely had a lot of fun and wanted to share the photos with you! The photo above is my favorite pic of Pike - that cake his mommy made was so yummy! I had several slices hehe! 
Ball is life, especially at other people's pawties! 
My favorite pic of me and Pike Dogg - the 13 year old Pibble who I call my FURIEND!
Close up of this friendly, happy, bday boy wearing the Balloon Dogs bandana his Mommy customized for him and my mommy made for him! So awesome to have people choose our company for their bday party bandanas! 
Other resident Terrierizer named Mikey
Mochi the queen of the Terrierizers
Sadie eating cake! Also wearing an FCC bandana
It's also Cinco de Mayo! Woof! 
He's so sweet and handsome! 
He got a lot of presents! I thought they were for me! LOL 
Mommy's holding me back from attacking all the presents in this photo.
Me playing with Sadie and peep mom's tote bag with my face on it hehe.
My new crazy frenchie friend Mighty, we both are pawesome
Mommy made this bandana for Pike's present, Pike's mommy actually gave mommy this fabric awhile ago so she thought it was perfect! It also matched the Lola's Treats she was going to give him! So happy he loved it.
Wrapped in mommy fashion
Pike with his custom Pike face cookies which were the party favors for the humans. We got toys!!! 
Pike in his family, his mom and dad are wearing t-shirts with his face on it! Artwork by Jessie Aparte, T-shirts made by Mommy! 
Thank you all for reading, hope you enjoyed it!
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Over and out! 
-Spartacus the Frenchie 

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