About Us

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by. 

How did this all begin? We had the wonderful opportunity of adopting Spartacus, the cream French Bulldog, in November 2016. Our lives were changed and we have been completely in love with him and so grateful to be his family. 

I am a studying fashion designer and was of course inspired to sew cute things for him. My friends and family loved everything I made and everyone wanted one! Thus, Frenchie Couture Co. was born. I used to work as a manger at a fabric store, and I really, REALLY, love fabric. Frenchie Couture Co. strives to bring you fun, funny, creative, and unique prints in the form of well-made bandanas, bow-ties, tote bags, and more! 

Furthermore, I am incredibly inspired by animals, and the people who help, advocate, and care for them. We hope to help the many many other animals who are in need of a loving home, find one faster, as well as help the rescue groups that help them. We also hope to inspire the families who adopt to spoil their new fur baby with lots of cute accessories. Spartacus totally knows his bandanas are a form of affection and other customers tell me how gleeful their fur babies are when they are outfitted with our stylish accessories. 

"Frenchie Couture" is a play on French Couture (Haute Couture) which I study privately with an amazing mentor in San Francisco. She also inspired me to become a Frenchie Mommy, as she has been a loving mommy to a beautiful and sweet brindle Frenchie. Frenchie Couture Co. is for all furry friends and is inspired by a stylish Frenchie named Spartacus and continues to be inspired by all of the amazing animals we get to meet along the way! 

I sew everything with my own two hands and a sewing machine, with Spartacus by my side. Thank you so much for supporting our shop! We hope to participate in as many events and support as many rescue groups as possible. Drop us a line, we'd love to be friends with you! 

With love,

Meileena & Spartacus the Frenchie